Public transportation information where your customers need it, when they need it, how they need it.


A global system

One simple web platform presents different services provided from different Transport Companies. We show the information by a standard interface. Citizens can find public transport information everywhere without install any kind of applications.

Add value to your Intelligent Transportation System

We provide an open web platform to develop mobile solutions for public transportation companies.


OKKAM TRANSIT takes information from your information system and other sources makes it available to travellers on smartphones through Qr codes at every bus stop.


You can provide real-time information about: trip planning, waiting time, real time position of your vehicles, route changes, delays and service disruptions.

Around me

We build geolocalized services designed to show points of interest (bus stops, ticket offices, restaurants, shops, cultural sites, etc.) around your customers.

Better services, happier travellers


Mobile landing page

We automatically build the mobile landing page to present the info-mobility and services to your customers when they scan the QR code.

Social Networks

Social Networks

We allow your customers to share information through their favourite social networks directly from the QR codes.

Follow Me

Citizens can be notify every time you publish new information on the bus sotp they choose to follow.

Data management

Our services are created without duplicating your data. OKKAM TRANSIT directly connects to any information system or can use data from Google Transit.

We build a sustainable business model

We offer a smart system to share news and services around the city. And make money out of it.

Less than a coffee

Transforming each bus stop in a smart bus stop with OKKAM TRANSIT will cost you less than a coffee.

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Make it profitable

We can add mobile advertising on each QR code and share revenues with the transport company.


Our mobile advertising platform enables micro marketing advertising solutions around every bus stop.

A successful case

How OKKAM TRANSIT works in Trentino

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Success Stories

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